pine tree stump grindings

Asked May 17, 2019, 7:53 AM EDT

Can I use pine tree stump grindings for mulch? I had 4 large pine trees taken down. I am left with a lot of stump grindings and I don;t know what to do with it? Suggestions please? THank you

Carroll County Maryland

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Stump grindings make fine mulch, though they generally have a lot of soil mixed in, so it won't behave exactly like pure wood mulch.

Let it sit a few days before you use it, as volatile gases can sometimes come off fresh mulch and damage foliage.

Pine bark mulch can be acidic, so you might not want to use this on lime-loving plants like lilac.

Be sure, as always, to keep mulch off trunks and plant bases by a few inches, and no deeper than 3-4".