Codling Moth Biofix Date - Benton County

Asked May 17, 2019, 12:49 AM EDT

Has the codling moth biofix been established for 2019 in the Corvallis area yet?
Is there a source for this information?

Benton County Oregon

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Thanks for reaching out. The OSU Orchard Extension specialist, Nik Wiman, runs a list serve for commercial fruit tree growers. He collects data from area growers and monitors several traps on the OSU research station. Biofix date for our area was set at 4/29 for this year.

Here is some information, I also included a screenshot of the model output.
Link to the IPPC codling moth model (Brunner and Hoyt):

In the model interface, set your biofix and most relevant weather station. For a 4/29 biofix the first cover spray (250 Degree-Days) is predicted to be May 30.

If you are a commercial grower you can sign up for the OSU Orchards newsletter here:

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