Distressed Evergreens

Asked May 16, 2019, 2:58 PM EDT

I currently have seven evergreens (three pine and four arborvitae) that are all experiencing some sort of disease process. They are browning from the base up. The lower branches are dying. There were all healthy trees last year. They are all 20+ years old. Of the two white pines in the group, one of them browned and dropped all it's needles last year and this spring it is dead. Now the six evergreens are all looking as if something is working it's way up the trunk killing off the branches and foliage as it goes. Do you have any thoughts on what this might be and how to stop it before I lose the remaining six trees?

St. Clair County Michigan conifers

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There are several things that can cause brown needles and the trees to die. Can you post pictures of the symptoms you are seeing? Also, if you could tell me more about the site and soil conditions.