Asked May 16, 2019, 12:25 PM EDT

I am trying to hire a lawn maintenance service to help take care of my yarden. I have a small dog and a pool. Most of the people giving me quotes tell me they use Roundup... and I am not about to let anybody put that stuff in my yard around my dog and pool. What can I ask them to use instead that will kill weeds, but not plants or grass or people?

El Paso County Texas

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There are 3 natural control options for herbicides. There are either based from oil concentrates or soap based concentrates. Generally they don't work as well as man-made products but can be an option if weed control does not need to be perfect. The first two are oil based and one is called Avenger and the other is Bonide Burnout. The soap based one is Biosafe Weed Control. They can be purchased in concentrates from Arbico Organics.