Eliminating two kinds of plants

Asked May 16, 2019, 10:54 AM EDT

I have two things I am trying to get under control and I would like to know how to eliminate them from my gardens. The first is Solomon seal which is growing under my three azaleas. The second is creeping bellflower. I have tried digging it, very deep and have gotten a number of the white tubers out, but this year there is a large patch again where I have dug the last two years. I have to get this under control before it takes over the whole flower bed, what can I do!!

Anoka County Minnesota

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Creeping Bellflower grows in almost any soil in wet or dry conditions. It reseeds readily and spreads by rhizomes and root fragments. Even the smallest root piece is capable of growing. It is exceptionally difficult to eliminate by cultivation or digging out plants.You could try to smother the plants. Cover the patch with several layers of newspaper, then top the paper with a generous layer of soil and mulch. Deprived of light, the plants will eventually die. Glyphosate is found in products like Roundup. It may be effective but keep in mind that the chemical kills any broad-leaved plant it touches. Apply glyphosate carefully to the weed leaves with a brush or sponge.
In turfgrass areas, selective, postemergence products containing dicamba provide better results. This resistant to 2,4-D; several repeat applications are usually necessary.