white prunicola scale on cherry laurels

Asked May 16, 2019, 10:23 AM EDT

HEllo, can you recommend a treatment that I can apply to my cherry laurels? They were just pruned by ny landscaper and he identified white prunicloa scale which he recommend that I have treated. If there is a product that I can obtain at Home Depot and apply myslef, that would be great. Is now the best time to begin applying the treatment? The scale has been present since last fall.

Baltimore County Maryland

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First, read through our webpage to understand the life cycle, which helps you target sprays: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/armored-hard-scale-trees-and-shrubs

In winter, apply a dormant oil spray, when you have a light infestation.
For moderate infestation, use insecticidal oil or soap sprays on crawlers in May, June, mid-July to mid-August, and until September. (There are 3 generations a year, so they will keep hatching into crawlers.) If you have highly concentrated infestations on branches, scrub them off with a stiff brush (not wire) then spray. This knocks off their protective cover (their "scale".)
Avoid highly toxic insecticides in order to preserve the beneficial insects which will help you keep this pest under control.