Snake ID

Asked May 15, 2019, 11:36 PM EDT

This non-patterned gray/bluish brown snake was found on our farm property just outside of Lebanon, Oregon. Snake is just over 3 feet in length and belly is cream/white. Can you identify?

Linn County Oregon

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Coluber constrictor

Racers are found in a variety of open habitats, including woodlands and meadows. They avoid dense forests, high mountains, and very dry areas, and seeks cover under rocks, logs, or dense shrubs.

They come in a variety of colors from grey and blue to brown and olive green.

This species feeds on lizards, smaller snakes, frogs, toads, small mammals and some insects. Young racers eat crickets, grasshoppers, and other insects.

They are great to have around for rodent control and do not pose any threat to humans or pets.

Thanks for your questison.

Thanks for the response. I thought racers were patterned - like with a racing stripe down the middle of the back. This guy is solid color and much longer that the yellow or red racers (stripe) I usually see.

Children often call garter snakes with a red stripe red racers and yellow stripe yellow racers. However, that is incorrect. Racers are a separate species and do not have stripes.