Tomato leaf issue

Asked May 15, 2019, 3:09 PM EDT

This is my first year growing tomatoes I noticed today that my cherry tomatoes have a leaf issue that is making the leaf very thin, even though the plant looks good. This s a brand new raised bed with Vermiculite, peat moss and leafgro.

Baltimore Maryland

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This symptom is associated with challenging spring growing conditions. These include, high winds, cool night temps, cloudy and rainy weather, and rapidly fluctuating air temperatures, etc. In addition, soil temps are relatively low, so root systems are slow to grow, pick up nutrients, and become established. Under such harsh conditions plants just sit and get beat up by the elements.

You may want to lightly fertilize with a complete, soluble fertilizer later this week when the rain stops. Next year, it would be best to plant warm season crops in mid-May, depending on the weather.

Here is some additional information on vegetable seedling and transplant problems: