Mesotrione timing

Asked May 15, 2019, 2:56 PM EDT

We had a lot of crab grass last year. I am in the process of reseeding the bare spots and plan to use a starter fertilizer containing mesotrione in order to prevent crabgrass. According to Greencastoline, current soil temp is 64, the 24 hour average is 57.8 and 5 day average is 51.2. I plan to do some today but have a lot more areas I’d like to do. However, it may take several days. Do you think its getting too late? Should I just complete what I can today and just use a different CG preventer like diopthyr on the other areas and do those in the fall? I’m finding slightly different crabgrass germination and soil temp info online. According to some sites I may already be too late. But if the 5day average is still below 55, I’m thinking I may still have a few days. Thanks

Chisago County Minnesota

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Thanks. I had looked at the gddtracker as well. According to that, today or tomorrow is the last day for the late application. I was just confused with the conflicting data on different websites. I just thoght that maybe with the 5 day average of 51.2 degrees that I might still have time to seed all my areas. Thanks

Your decision about how much time your have left to use mesotrione may be affected by the unseasonably cool days predicted for the weekend and whether you might be satisfied with partial versus complete crabgrass control. There is some approximation in the process even with high tech data.