Hey I was wondering what these seed belong to?

Asked May 15, 2019, 11:21 AM EDT

Hey I was wondering what these seed or seed pods belong to, I ate a nice fruit a few years ago and kept the seed belonging to it, can't really remember what the fruit looked like think it may of been big like a custard apple it was quite sometime ago

Outside United States

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Thank you for your question. Although they look like pumpkin seeds, we cannot identify seeds without knowing your whereabouts. They do not resemble any apple seeds familiar to us in the States. Whether you can germinate them depends on how old they are. Thanks!

I live in south Australia but the fruit came from a tropical fruit store, their produce comes from all over the world, a custard apple isn't actually an apple it's just called that, their are also a number of fruit with similar flavours I know of for instance, durian, soursop and jackfruit, please have a look at the tape measure next to the seed, they are far too big for pumpkin sorry for reference I've added some candy melon seed in the next pic, candy melon seed are very similar to pumpkin

Thank you for the new photos. The problem is that we have no one on our Extension staff who is familiar with these fruits, so I have no one to whom to refer your question. We do not do research on these plants. I suggest you contact someone in your area who works in horticulture for help. Or, plant them and see what grows! Good luck!

Oh thats a shame, I'll take them into my local fruit an veg shop see if they can help, anyway thanks for the very quick responses