Beetle or roach?

Asked May 15, 2019, 10:39 AM EDT

Hi there- I've found (3) beetles (??) in my basement in the last week and a half. I live in South Minneapolis and just moved into this house in February. Two crawled out from under my dryer when I was doing laundry one evening. They are very slow moving (thank goodness). I have just trapped and released outside in my yard away from the house, but am concerned that maybe I should take a more assertive approach - I don't want an infestation! Can someone from your group help identify? I can't quite tell if it's a beetle or roach. All recommendations appreciated - thank you!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The insects in the photo are scarab beetles. We don't know what species. Several species are commonly called May beetles or June bugs.

Here is a good example:

We don't know why they happened to be under the dryer.

By the way, roaches run FAST!

And don't forget this:

"Well, the Juney bug comes in the month of June
The lightning bug comes in May
Bed bug comes just any old time
But, they're not going to stay"