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Asked May 14, 2019, 4:03 PM EDT

What would be the BEST new grass to grow in Brookings Oregon 97415 ? I am about a 1/4 of a mile from the ocean

Curry County Oregon lawns and turf

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Hello, and thanks for contacting OSU Extension with your question. Before deciding exactly what grass seed to plant, you want to take into consideration how your soil and shade conditions might effect your success with what seed you choose. First is the amount of sun that you receive and second would be what pH your soil might be. Generally, in this county, most folks have a fairly low pH; this is recorded in the following info from one of our publications about fertilizing your lawn:

Table 2. Optimum soil pH ranges for commonly grown turfgrasses. Optimum Grass pH range Bentgrasses 5.0–6.5 Perennial ryegrass 5.5–6.5 Fine fescues 5.5–6.5 Tall fescue 5.5–6.5

Generally, most lawns here are a mix of above, especially the fescue, which takes more shade than the ryegrass. You may want to treat your lawn with lime as well to raise the pH if it is low. A good general guide as to what to consider in establishing a lawn here is included in this publication:

"Practical Lawn Establishment and Renovation", particularly page 3, where it lays out specifics regarding coastal considerations. There is also lots to guide you re specifics for planting re light and shade.

Planting now may prove a bit late unless you are going to really be on top of watering. Planting out earlier in spring or early fall usually provides the best results here on the south coast.