Lack of flowers on viburnum burkwood ii

Asked May 14, 2019, 3:39 PM EDT

My 6 viburnum had brown leaf spot last fall - I removed all affected leaves and used Neem oil. I do not overhead water them. Now that it is spring, they virtually have no flowers. Could the fall fungus be the cause of the absence of flowers. The leaves are healthy.

Middlesex County Connecticut

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You're obviously taking really good care of your Burkwood Viburnum. It's too bad to miss a year of blooming. Without seeing the plant in person and the details of care, I can't be 100% sure, but since the flower buds are set in the fall, it is reasonable to propose that major defoliation could have weakened the plant at just the time is was about to set bloom and so may not have done so. It may also be possible that in removing the affected leaves, you may have accidentally damaged or removed the new buds, which would not have been apparent at the time. If the plant looks robust now and you have a bit of luck avoiding a repeat fungal attack... these are often weather dependent, you should be fine next year.

If it seems to become endemic, a regular preventative treatment can be used (there is no "cure," but some fungal infections can be delayed or prevented). Apply a copper or sulphur based spray (like a Bordo mixture) about every two weeks when the weather is hot and humid.