ants on peony

Asked May 14, 2019, 5:06 AM EDT

I have seen ants on my foundation. I see them moving up the cement wall and under the siding. They're black about 1 cm length. I've seen them in the house. A type of carpenter ant? I have a peony plant close to the house where I see the ants. I've treated inside the house with ant traps, outside with sprays and granules. No more ants inside at the minute. Is the peony attracting the ants to the house. Should I move it. I haven't seen ants on the peony yet this spring

Baltimore County Maryland

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It's normal for the ants to feed on the sweet nectar on the peony buds. They do no harm there, in fact are beneficial because they keep other insects from damaging the buds. You do not need to move the peony.

Ants are a healthy part of a landscape. Actually, a necessary part. They are not permanent house pests, with a few exceptions. They tend to show up in houses in early spring when warm weather gets them active, and then cold or harsh weather makes indoors look inviting. They do not live indoors, but naturally stay outside once the weather improves. (If you have big black carpenter ants indoors 365 days a year, then you have a problem. Search 'carpenter ants' on our website.)

Continue to use ant traps indoors when they are uninvited spring guests. Do not be concerned with their activities outdoors, where they keep away termites (their arch enemies!) and improve soil and growing conditions for your plants.