Poison Oak in the Scenic Gorge

Asked May 13, 2019, 11:06 PM EDT

Hi there, experts. We’re in quite the pickle here. We live out in the National Scenic Area of the Gorge, so dealing with landscape issues in a way that respects Mother Earth is of utmost importance. We live in the forest, and half our yard is covered in poison oak. We have no idea how to safely remove it. I do not want to use roundup because it would take a lot of roundup. I’m thinking it’s at least 1.5 acres of poison oak. We considered renting goats but it would take too many goats. We also considered moving a very invasive, not poisonous, plant from another part of the yard and putting it near the poison oak in hopes the plants would battle it out. We’d love any suggestions or ideas! Thank you for your time, Mary and Ben

Skamania County Washington

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Thank you for your question, Mary and Ben. Since you live in an environmentally sensitive area, I suggest that you contact your county Extension agent, who may be familiar with local resources, and aware of laws and/or regulations limiting the options. Here is that contact information: https://extension.wsu.edu/skamania/ Good luck!