Deer resistent native shrubs and plants

Asked May 13, 2019, 10:33 PM EDT

We are landscaping a shady area on the north side of our home at about 7100 feet elevation in the foothills. Looking for some native shrubs and plants that will grow well and not get devoured immediately by the deer. We like darker leaf plants -- like the Manhattan Euonymus and the Francee Plantain Lily -- but research shows they may be loved by the deer. Thoughts?

Jefferson County Colorado

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Hi there,

Please find attached two fact sheets that I think will help you determine what to plant to meet your needs. The first is Native Shrubs for Colorado's Landscape ( and the second is Preventing Deer Damage ( The first provides a great listing of native shrubs to Colorado, however it doesn't specifically call out deer resistant shrubs. The second fact sheet calls out shrubs that are deer resistant, however, they are not all native. I would cross reference these against each other to narrow down your choices. Finally, I've included a more general informational packet on Low Water Natives for the Colorado Front Range ( Again, I would cross reference these with the deer info fact sheet. Thank you for your question.