Insect Control

Asked May 13, 2019, 5:19 PM EDT

My wife and I moved to Castle Rock from New Hampshire two years ago. We have had several insect control companies knock at our door to offer their services, particularly for black widow control. They offer quarterly spraying at a cost of around $100 each. We have not seen any black widows or even ants in or around the house or foundation. A few (very few) other spiders. Are these services worthwhile? It would seem from your descriptions that such prevention applications only last a few weeks anyway. Thank you! Ed Lewis

Douglas County Colorado

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If you have not contacted the company please be cautious as Door-to-Door scammers are knocking on doors trying to sell you that they work for Cable Company and need to look over your backyard for connecting. This is a big scam as they are just checking out how to get into your home. Also once you pay them the $100 for each service you have lost the money and especially if you have paid with a credit card.
Please do not be taken advantage of with such scammers.
Ask them for their company phone number and address, proof of the business, the contract, the products that they would use, etc.
You could also contact the CSU Extension office in Douglas County or El Paso County or Denver ask them about what you can use when you have a problem. I hope this helps.