Foxtail Weed Mulch

Asked May 13, 2019, 2:39 PM EDT

Can Foxtail weeds that have been cut and raked be used in my mulch bed? Thank you

Mohave County Arizona

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Dear Client,

Thanks for contacting Cooperative Extension about your question. I assume you mean compost bin rather than "mulch bed". Compost is made up of decomposed plant materials/yard waste and requires moisture, the proper ratios of green vs. brown materials, and time to allow decomposition. Mulch is using plant material on the soil surface to create a weed barrier and minimize evaporation. I would not use foxtails for mulch. These weeds can be composted. It is best to gather the maturing weeds before they finish flowering and the seeds immature. If mature seeds are put into compost and not allowed to decompose completely, then these seeds can become next years weeds. On my property, I try to manage foxtails and cheatgrass (both cool season annual grasses) with a line trimmer before they mature and have seedheads. It is fine to compost this green material. Once they produce mature seed, I try not to spread them around. You could gather them and discard them, but I wouldn't be in a rush to compost them.

In addition, you may contact a Master Gardener volunteer in Mohave County at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Office in Kingman. Here is a link with a phone number and address:


Yes, I meant compost not mulch! Thank you for explaining thoroughly and answering so soon! I appreciate this.
Have a wonderful summer!

Thanks! You have a good summer as well!