Flea Beetle control

Asked May 13, 2019, 9:33 AM EDT

I planted some eggplants in my yard and i noticed that there are plenty of flea beetles on the sapling and they are eating away the leaves. how can i control or eliminate these beetles, what pesticides should i use to control them. it looks like they will eat away the plants. Cheers.

Prince George's County Maryland

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Hi- flea beetle feeding on young plants can hinder growth and reduce yield over the season. Begin spraying with neem, neem oil, pyrethrins + oil (Pyganic), or horticultural oil to control the adults. You'll need to repeat sprays every 7-10 days.

Alternatively- if the injury is significant and the flea beetle population is high, you could purchase and plant new eggplant transplants and immediately cover them with floating row cover material or spray with insecticide.

Information on flea beetles:


Information on using Surround, an organic repellent spray:


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Next year, be sure to have the floating row cover material ready to cover your transplants as soon as they are planted. Also, eggplant will get established more quickly once the soil has warmed, around mid-late May. Fertilizing with a soluble complete fertilizer will help transplants get established.