Silver Lace Vine and goats

Asked May 12, 2019, 11:08 PM EDT

Is it safe to plant Silver Lace Vine around goats?

Montague County Texas

1 Response

Silver Lace Vine can be as invasive as Japanese Knotweed so make sure that you actually want it before you plant it. It does contain oxalates (just like Japanese Knotweed and spinach) so might be poisonous to goats if eaten regularly in very large amounts. Would probably be more of a concern for the family dog or toddler. In truth your regional cooperative extension office might have the best handle on how much sense it makes to plant it in your area. Goats are used to graze back Japanese Knotweed in some invasive plant control programs so probably planting Silver Vine where your mature goats might occasionally get to it is not a big concern.