Diseased weeping Japanese cherry

Asked May 12, 2019, 3:23 PM EDT

My tree appears to be diseased. The leaves have small holes and the branches are turning brown. The trunk doesn't appear to be diseased. Can you tell from these photos what the problem might be and how it can be treated? Thank you.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Cherry trees, both ornamental and fruiting kinds, are very susceptible to a fungus disease, Brown Rot and Blossom Blight of Stone Fruit. To help limit the disease, gardeners must spray during bloom -- at the popcorn stage, full bloom, and/or petal fall.

Sprays which can be applied by home gardeners include Bonide Captan 50 WP, Infuse Systemic Disease Control, Ortho Max Garden Disease Control, and Spectracide Immunox.

Copper sprays are discouraged because they can encourage the development of resistant disease organisms. Then, too, they have little to no effect on limiting the disease.

Sprays must be supplemented by targeted pruning designed to remove,and discard, all affected twigs and /branches during summer, when it's dry.

Another goal is excellent air circulation in and around the tree. Prune in such a manner that air can freely circulate throughout the canopy.