Getting rid of weeds

Asked May 12, 2019, 11:23 AM EDT

How do I effectively get rid of weeds, particularly in between pavers on the patio, without chemicals? Can you please recommend organic products that are safe? Is BurnOut a product you would recommend?

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

Before attempting to manage the weeds you will have to identify them. Organic weed control products are non-selective, contact herbicides. They may kill or weaken the green part of the plant on annual weeds but are not effective on mature or perennial weeds that have a substantial root system (such as creeping charlie, etc.) and may keep returning.

Note that organic products may take more time, cost more, and are not necessarily safer than synthetic products -- but there are options available for you to consider.

Depending on the situation there are some physical removal methods such as hand pulling, using a weeding tool, using a flame weeder, or some pour boiling water depending on the weed.

We do not have research on Burn Out. It looks like the label carries a Danger signal. Some products have the signal word danger (words used to alert consumers of the short-term toxicity of the product)vs. less toxic products that carry a warning or caution on their label. You can contact the National Pesticide Inormation Ctr for more information.