Newly planted tree problems

Asked May 12, 2019, 8:59 AM EDT

I planted two flowering bare root trees in March. I live in San Antonio Texas. After we planted, my husband put a nitrogen spike by each tree. Right after trees started getting leaves, they would droop, turn brown and eventually drop off. Don't know if I should prune them now, or just wait till August? One is an Eastern Redbud and one is a Kwanzan Flowering Cherry. Did a good job planting, amending soil and watering. Have planted many trees before, but in Washington state. Help!

Bexar County Texas

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Unfortunately, both of these trees are not recommended here as possibly seen by there decline. They died quicker then expected as they would normally be dead or super stressed by the end of our summer heat.

Bare root trees that were not purchased at a local Interdependent Nursery such as Milberger's Landscape Nursery or Fanick's Garden Center?

Replace them with local trees that have made the test of time.

Such as Texas/Oklahoma or Mexican Red bud which should be purchased when they are blooming and a Mexican Plum or Red Barron Peach to replace the cherry.

Also, you should wait till a whole season before you fertilize on March 1 and September 1 and use the native soil dug from the hole with no more then 20% finished compost worked into the native soil.

David Rodriguez -Extension Horticulturist
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Bexar County/San Antonio