Bees took up residence under patio into garage

Asked May 11, 2019, 5:31 PM EDT

I seem to have about 10 - 20 bees with beautiful yellow/orange bottoms that like the warmth going from my covered patio into the garage under the roof. I don't mind, I just worry about getting them out safely and onto a better place for them. I also am starting to worry about damage to my wood structure. Any info is great. And thank you so much for this wonderful service to gardeners that you offer.!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Lucky you! You one of several species of native bumble bees, referred to as red-tail bees, hanging out at your place.

You can rest easy. Even though it appears you're providing housing for the bees, they are not damaging your structure. Instead, they are using per-existing gaps to establish their rather small nest.

Then, too, no need to be concerned about possible stings. Bumble bees are friendly neighbors as long as you don't harass them or hold one in your hand.

A bumble bee colony lasts for just one year. At the end of the year, typically December here in the northwest, all colony members have died of natural causes. Only the newly mated queens survive the winter by finding a sheltered site in a wood pile, under leaf litter, or in a shallow excavation in the soil. .

Wow! Thank you so very much. I'm so delighted to have red-tailed native bees! I love the hum they make, quiet loud in the warm afternoon, then I think they go to bed when it starts getting cool.
Do they make honey?
Just curious.
I really appreciate the information!
take care,

Bumble bees make only enough honey to feed their youngsters.

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