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Asked May 11, 2019, 3:59 PM EDT

Hi there, I have an ant infestation in my kitchen. I’m wondering if you could help me identify what kind of ants we have please. Thanks!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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This is a somewhat blurry picture but appears to be a Carpenter ant. Here is University information on them.

Thanks! Is this better?

Better picture. Carpenter ant. Follow the link I sent as a start to finding a way to get rid of them.

Thanks for the fast reply!

You are welcome. Do not call an exterminator. Modest response is called for.

Oh the website says to call an exterminator. We have tons of these ants. Not sure how to get rid of them without help so I think we’ll call. Thanks!

Look at the insect from the side and see if it fits this description. Carpenter ants are medium to large, 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch.They have an evenly rounded arched thorax when viewed from the side, one node, and a circle of hairs at the tip of the abdomen. The best method for controlling carpenter ants is to deliver insecticide into their nest. The most important and challenging aspect of carpenter ant control is locating the parent nest and satellite nests.

Carpenter ants typically are inactive during the winter unless a nest is located in a heated area of the building. They are most active at night. Very soon after sunset, large numbers of carpenter ant foragers emerge from nests to search for food. They travel along well-established trails between nest sites and feeding sites. Foraging ants bring food back to the nests to feed the larvae; they may carry food items in their mouthparts (mandibles) or they sometimes may consume the food and store it in their crop. This site explains how to find the nest.