Where to buy quality grass seed.

Asked May 11, 2019, 12:04 PM EDT

I am trying to buy quality grass seed as close to me in MI 48036 as possible or online with no shipping. I am looking for seed with no "other crop" or weeds or inert. I would also like to be able to see the label before buying. thanks for any help. From what I gather, kentucky bluegrass seed is probably my best option?

Macomb County Michigan

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Type of seed will depend on amount of sun, how often you plan to water and fertilze. KBG is in need of the most water and fertilization, perennial rye and turf type fescues can tolerate less. Shady areas, less than 10 hours full sun, will do better with a mix of fine fescue in with the other types.

We cannot endorse brands or retailers, but this article will help you understand labels.


This site has a number of articles to help you successfully grow from seed-


Most large brand products have their labels online, especially if you visit the manufacturer’s website. You will always find a very small amount of weed seed even in good quality grass seed; look for products with less than 1 percent weed seeds.

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Thanks. I am aware of all that. I was just trying to find somewhere that sells quality seed. It does not exist in big box stores or the local elevator. I will try some sod farms. I have found a few places online but its over $3/lb. Thanks anyway.

Yea, not so much worried about the noxious weeds as they rarely grow in the lawn anyway. I am more worried about other crop as I have a ton of Poa T. in my yard due to this. Also there are brands that do have 0% weed. They are out of state though. I was trying to find something closer so I could pick up and not have the shipping charge. Also alot of the websites sell different mixes and blends but dont show the label.

Glad you are aware of the valuable info on the label. Perhaps the vendors online that don’t show it would be willing to take pics of labels you are interested in? So many online vendors have chat or ‘email us’ service now.
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