Asked May 11, 2019, 10:32 AM EDT

How can The University of Maryland help me with Bamboo removal?

Montgomery County Maryland

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The University does not make site visits to help with bamboo removal. You may have to contact some landscapers that have expertise in bamboo removal.

Take a look at our website on bamboo.

If you want to kill the bamboo, use an herbicide containing the ingredient glyphosate. You need to first cut down the bamboo at the proper time--Spring. In the fall, (October) you will apply the glyphosate to the regrowth. Do not try to simply spray it. You must follow the steps. See the website above that outlines the procedure. This may take several seasons for control.

If you want to contain the bamboo, see the above webpage, video, and article that involves a barrier and the use of heavy equipment.