Grain Finishing beef in the lot

Asked May 11, 2019, 12:02 AM EDT

I read your post about grain finishing with your cattle having access to the pasture, but what does the progression look like when the cattle are in the pens. Do you have the same weekly progression for your grain at a 2 lb increase per week, and what does the hay plan look like? Do you start the first week with full access to hay and then how do you scale down their hay poundage? thank you for any insight...

New Mexico

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Thanks for your email. Managing inbound cattle in a feedlot for growing/finishing can be a challenging process from both a health and nutritional perspective. Here are a few links that may be helpful:

My general approach is that cattle will preferentially intake concentrate as they go on feed. Forage can be limited by either inclusion in the mixed ration or limit feeding (i.e. not making available free choice).