Stumped by this discovery . . .

Asked May 10, 2019, 5:02 PM EDT

Hello! In the course of replacing deck lumber I discovered a stump between the pressure-treated deck support joists. This stump appears to have been left by the home builder circa 1978. Although I can see no insects at this time, I expect the stump could attract termites or other wood-eating insects that could move to the deck and the house. It's impractical to remove the stump now,'m wondering if I should be concerned about it. Is there an approach to treat this stump to resist insects before installing the deck flooring? Can you recommend routine treatment to prevent infestation?

Lane County Oregon

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You don't want to remove the stump, it is one way to help prevent termites from moving into the area. The treatment of the stump with termite chemicals is an effective method. There are two types. 1-chemicals that kill the termites and is applied around the stump and any wooden areas. 2- chemicals using an attractant and then the termites take the toxicant back to the nest.

Nematodes have been used but have not been seen to be very effective.

Here is a good information on termites: