pear tree fruit damage

Asked May 10, 2019, 4:30 PM EDT

I have an Asian pear tree. After flower it has many small fruits on it. Today I went to check on it and saw many fruits with black spot damages on the fruits. I took a picture of one of the fruits and attached it in this e-mail. I would like to request you to identify what is the cause of the damage and what is the cure. Thanks.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- these appear to be egg-laying scars caused by plum curculio, a major tree fruit pest. The injury causes small fruits to drop this time of year. It's important to pick up the fallen fruit and pick off those remaining on the tree that have the scars, and discard in the trash. Some of the eggs laid by the female will hatch and the larvae will tunnel through the fruit.

It is too late too spray to prevent this pest. The first spray should have been applied when the pear flower petals started to fall. Please see our web page for more detailed information and visit the VA Tech home fruit pest link for spray schedule information: