Mystery Seed Pods?

Asked May 10, 2019, 3:02 PM EDT

These were just found in some mulch that was delivered last year. They are near some day lilies in Leland, MI. They are approximately 5mm to 2cm in length. They are dark brown, very hard and some have a thread or hair like appendage. Can you identify them? Thanks very much! Chuck

Leelanau County Michigan

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I am most suspicious that these are the start of a fungus. I suspected that because you found it in mulch, and fungi can be quite common in mulch (and not really a problem because fungi are there to help break down wood and can be beneficial to the roots of plants, too.) Check out another question/answer that came into us that was answered by another educator (click on link below). You may see some similarities?

As the above answer suggests, those objects may be immature fruiting bodies of a kind of fungus called a stinkhorn. It could be another mushroom type, but stinkhorn fruiting bodies resemble little eggs, so likely stinkhorn.