Smooth Brome Grass - Control

Asked May 10, 2019, 7:42 AM EDT

The grass is spreading out of the designated field area into yard, strawberry and flower beds. I understand Roundup will work but the area to control is extensive along the fence line, yard and garden areas. What are my options to stop it spreading and not cause any harm as animal feed?

Washington County Nebraska

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Thank you for your question.

While there are herbicides that kill just grasses, they are not so effective on brome. Herbicides containing the active ingredient glyphosate will work but cannot be applied directly to lawns or strawberries without causing them harm. You can use an old paint brush to "paint" the herbicide where you want it, being careful to stay away from your desired plants. A mulched barrier along the fence line, separating the yard from the pasture, will provide the visual you'll need to see when the brome is invading. (Glyphosate can be applied to shoots seen in the mulched area.) Be sure to make the mulched area at least 12 inches wide to provide the best visual indication of spread. Because brome has such a deep root system, burying some type of physical barrier between the two spaces is not feasible.