possible invasive water plant at Duck Park kayak launch in Alpena

Asked May 10, 2019, 6:22 AM EDT

This is my third question about this plant. Probably I'm unable to provide more specific details, but it seems to me that the answer from the experts is unlikely. The answer was, "....an emerging yellow water lily." The reason I question this answer is that it is now May and yellow water lilies don't bloom until July up here. Also the photos I have taken in past Julys of yellow water lilies show just a single bloom among the floating leaves. The photo of our "newly discovered" plant shows three stamens topped by flat circular caps. I'll try to get over today and take more photos. Maybe that will help us to ID it. I'm not an expert; just a very concerned member of the community - as I said before, we don't want another invasive plant to deal with!

Alpena County Michigan

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Yes-- please send photos when you have them. (I'm not seeing any attached to this message)

Thanks! Hope this helps. Not sure if you saw these or not; they were taken a few days ago. I went over to Duck Park this AM, but it was too windy (water too riled up) and too overcast for taking photos. The plants looked to me just as they have this past week.

Good Morning! So this question and your previous question has been submitted to expert Dr. Jo Latimore. I'm sure she'll be in touch as soon as possible. It's helpful if you use the same question when communicating back and forth otherwise your questions might get assigned to multiple people and they would have no way of knowing. We have six people who "wrangle" ask an expert questions and assign them to our 600+ experts.

Have a great day -- good luck with your plant situation!