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Asked May 10, 2019, 12:03 AM EDT

After reading the above and experiencing the exact same issues I need to ask a bit more. I too purchased Ayam Cemani chicks from a breeder in November. I brought them into a brand new facility , no other birds on site. I lost 14 of 18 Cemani chicks to mareks at 14-16 weeks. I did vaccinations all upon arrival. Not finished yet ... I then hatched 11 Ayam Cemani. And vaccinated on day one. I again vaccinated 21days later. Today I lost 3 of those 15 weeks again. My question is Is there a connection to this ultra rare beeed and Mareks ? I am thinking there must be. I grew up on a poultry farm and have owned poultry for 30 plus years. I gave away all my birds while I rebuilt a new barn. Never actually seen a case of mareks until this year. I am a licensed blood tested for more than 14 years. Bringing these new chicks to a state of the art and super clean facility. There must be a connection. Someone else must have had this happen to them. Even on the green fire farm site I read that others are experiencing this. Is this a battle we can’t win. Should Cemani owners just not try to grow? Should we just give up? It’s thousands of dollars in loss. If this is a virus we cannot vaccinate for in this breed successfully we should know. Others need to tell their story.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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It may be genetics, although I have never heard of it with specific breeds. 1. Where were the birds diagnosed for Marek’s? 2. What vaccine was given and how? The chickens that survived may now have developed resistance so if you breed from those you may develop a strain of resistant chickens.