Fireblight vs Blossom Wilt

Asked May 9, 2019, 3:01 PM EDT

Trying to ID which disease is hitting this 10 year ild pear. My fear is the former. Also, are the fungus shoots on the trunk an indicator of brown rot (which may be cause the blossom wilt?) or another unrelated issue with the tree? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, these protrusions from the tree trunk (called frass tubes) are a sign that your tree is infested with ambrosia beetles. They are very tiny beetles that bore into the hardwood of trees and kick out the frass (sawdust) material. These beetles are attracted to trees that are stressed by factors such as too much water, drought, extreme cold/temperature fluctuations, physical injury, etc. Here is more information about ambrosia beetles and what they do.

The browning branches may be the result of the beetle activity in your tree. We have not had reports of active fire blight symptoms yet.

There is no treatment we can recommend for an ambrosia beetle infestation of this severity. Tree removal and replacement are recommended. Chipping the wood or at least removing the cut wood from your property can help to prevent the beetles from infesting other stressed trees.