Planting rhubarb

Asked May 9, 2019, 2:27 PM EDT

Given seed pod for rhubarb. Any tips for planting these? Thank you!

Deschutes County Oregon

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Thanks for your question. Most Extension sources say the best tip is "don't." Rhubarb is generally grown from crowns, about which there is a lot of literature, including that from Central Oregon. But, as to growing from seed, one source ( says:

"Cut seed stalks off as they appear because they take energy from the plant and may reduce bud formation for the next growing season. Because the plant is cross-pollinated and seedlings seldom resemble the parent strain, the seed is used mainly by plant breeders. When allowed to develop, the seed stalks grow several feet high and are covered with white flowers. If the plant is being grown specifically as an ornamental, this could be a nice feature in the landscape. If you want to keep seed for breeding trials, it usually matures by the first part of July and can be started in a greenhouse or cold frame at the same time you would start tomato seed."

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