Should I cut down my American elm?

Asked May 9, 2019, 1:15 PM EDT

I have a huge elm tree right next to the peer and beam foundation of my 77 year old house. I believe the tree to be mature because the tree has not changed size or shape in the ten years that I have owned the house. The trunk is about 4 ft in diameter and the trees hidth I estimate around 100 feet. It has had some bad pruning in the past and the canopy is thin. Water has seeped into the pruned area and discoloration due to rot is present. The tree constantly shed dead branches, and recently it lost a couple of large limbs approximately a ft in diameter. I noticed rot on the inside of these limbs. My concern is the trees location over my house and my neighbors house. It could cause severe damage should its larger limbs fall. I think I am living on borrowed time and should have the tree removed but I hat to remove such a beautiful tree even though it is showing its age Any advice would be appreciated

Tarrant County Texas

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What a gorgeous old girl! It doesn't look badly diseased from the outside, but as you suggest, there could be rot internally. It would be shame to lose such a wonderful tree, but being so large and so close to your house and your neighbours, it is prudent to be considering this carefully. Even a very healthy tree that close to buildings can be brought down in a windstorm, and if there are potential issues with it, the danger is increased. I would strongly urge you to contact a local certified arborist who can investigate the tree in person and assess its internal condition as well as potential hazards. They can then advise whether it needs to be removed or could be made safer with careful pruning by a trained professional.

Good luck.

Thanks for your response. I think I will have an arborist look at it and possibly have prune instead.


Elliott R