Blue rug juniper dying

Asked May 9, 2019, 10:59 AM EDT

The blue rug juniper on my hill has started dying off over the last couple of years. The plants are 25-30 years old, and there has never been any issues with these plants. If it is some sort of fungus, is it to late to stop the issue? What fungicide can be used if it’s not too late. Thanks for any information

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2 Responses

We notice that your junipers are primarily dying at the top of the slope and nearest the tree.

Junipers are full sun plants. We suspect that 30 years ago that tree was not casting as much shade and these junipers were in much more sun. They are still doing well farther from the tree where there is more sun.

Junipers do get some fungal problems, but this does not look like that. These junipers are unhappy with the shade and root competition. Be sure you are not using herbicides in the lawn that are damaging the junipers, too.


Thank you for your response.
I guess I will see what happens.