Basil powdery mildew

Asked May 9, 2019, 10:46 AM EDT

What is it with basil lately? For years I have successfully grown basil - prolific plants. Last year my basil was overrun with powdery mildew and I finally gave up and threw the plants away (in the garbage). I recently bought 4 basil plants and at least two are already mostly covered with powdery mildew. I have been snipping off infected leaves (and destroying them). What should I do? I try not to spray but should I and with what ? I bought the plants this year at what i consider a reputable garden plant sale (not a for profit nursery).

St. Mary's County Maryland

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You are not alone and it is a frustrating problem for basil lovers. (Isn't everyone?).
What you are experiencing there is likely downy mildew, which is a relatively new problem in our area.
Fortunately there is work being done to get some control, as in development of resistant varieties.
See this page from our website for more information: