Hi, I am writing to ask whether clothing stains from Multicolored Asian Lady...

Asked May 9, 2019, 8:07 AM EDT

Hi, I am writing to ask whether clothing stains from Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles can be removed at home without dry cleaning? I would prefer to remove the spots myself, because dry cleaning removes the permethrin treatment (www.insectshield.com) that much of my clothing is treated with. I can always have the clothing re-treated, but would like to avoid that if possible.

Vinton County Ohio

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I spent some time researching both stains from multicolored Asian Lady Beetles and cleaning of permethrin-treated clothing.
Treating stains from the beetle may take a little persistence. The recommended treatment is soaking the affected garment in a mix of oxygen-based bleach (brand names would include OxyClean) and cool water. Hydrogen peroxide and cool water may also work effectively. If one soaking does not effectively remove the stain, the process may be repeated multiple times until the stain is removed.
As far as the effect on the permethrin treatment, I have not been able to find sufficient information about the effect of an oxygen-based cleaners. At the very least, I would suggest that each soaking treatment would be the equivalent of a wash.

Thank you very much for the reply, Kate. I will try your recommendations. As an aside, I can recommend the insect shield treatment without reservation (I have no affiliation with the company except as a customer). Anyone who lives in tick infested areas would do well to consider it.

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