Animals Burrowing under Garden

Asked May 9, 2019, 7:46 AM EDT

I used to have a beautiful and bountiful garden. I got an early start and was away 4 days expecting to come home yesterday and harvest kale. Instead I came to a barren area and large holes in my garden and other areas around my deck I have contracted someone to help me with a rodent problem, but these holes are large . I need your help. TY Steve

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

It sounds like you might be dealing with a groundhog. They make large holes greater than 3 inches and can be voracious in a vegetable garden. Does it look like the holes continue into a tunnel or burrow? Do you see any signs of burrowing under a shed, deck, or other structure? Take a look at our website for information on groundhogs and what you can do.

Here is information on how to report nuisance wildlife and get assistance in Montgomery County.

You will find more information in our publication on dealing with nuisance wildlife.