Ponderosa pine tree issues

Asked May 8, 2019, 11:46 PM EDT

Good day. I planted three ponderosa pine trees in the fall of 2015. This year will be third summer when I have them. They have many dry needles. One tree dropped all needles but last year. I attached few pictures of them. Could you please take a look on them and give me answer what should I do to grow them properly. Thank you very much Alex

Outside United States

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Hi there,

Pine trees lose their 3-4 year old needles, which looks like might be happening here. The tops still look healthy.

I would make sure that you are deep watering the tree once a month, even in the winter if we are not getting good precipitation and the ground is not frozen. You can use a soaker hose to create a slow long drip to ensure that the water is getting deep down and encourage good root growth.