I found a deer tick on my dog. Was it inside the house?

Asked May 8, 2019, 8:01 PM EDT

I found a Deer tick on my dog. I found it when we were in the house. We walked around the neighborhood were there isn't too much vegetation. I'm wondering if the tick was found in the house, or the woods at sometime.(We walked in the woods once, but I bathed her). The Deer tick was found on the top of her arm.

Carroll County Maryland

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Deer ticks are carried in on pets and people. They do not enter houses on their own. Be sure to wear tick repellant and protective clothing when you take walks in the woods -- and provide tick protection for your dog as well. Check yourself and your pet daily for ticks after you spend time outdoors.

Refer to our website for more information about ticks in Maryland.

The Centers for Disease Control has good information on how to avoid ticks.