Nectarine Leaf Curl

Asked May 8, 2019, 5:49 PM EDT

Our Independence Nectarine has leaf Curl. It was bought in Salem, OR. We live in Cornelius OR. Is it the wrong tree for our area? The buds are gone-so is it too late to try to get rid of the problem? It already has little fruits on it. Today when Zi looked at it the new leaves that are present at the tips look great. Should I get rid of the diseased leaves and leaves the branch? One article I read said I needed to but off the entire branch affected, burn it and start over next year. Another said I didn’t have to. What should I do! It is a tree that is supposed to have nectarines and peaches on it. Is it really too late to put any kind of copper, etc fungicide on it! Should I take pictures of it or are you able to know what I am suggesting?

Washington County Oregon stone fruit

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Yes a few photos would help with identifying the problem, the extent of the damage and whether new growth has been affected. Thank You