Plum tree not leafing out well

Asked May 8, 2019, 3:06 PM EDT

We've got an approx 10 year old plum tree in our yard that is usually very healthy. This spring it's been slow to leaf out and many leaves are curled or brown on the edges. We've also noticed little web strands here and there on it though no cocoons, unsure if they are spiders. Several times after being under the tree I've found little green caterpillars on me but I haven't seen them in the tree. The service that treats our trees days it is drought stress but nothing else in our garden seems to be suffering though we are giving it extra water now.

Marion County Oregon

1 Response

Possible plum pockets disease.

It resembles leaf curl on peach, and these diseases are caused by closely related fungi. Thickened, deformed and puckered leaves. It is a bad year for leaf curl on peach.

May also be a few leafrollers if you are seeing silk. But they don't cause that "blistery" look on the leaves.