Tree fungus???

Asked May 8, 2019, 10:47 AM EDT

I have a beautiful ~30' Bradford Pear tree in my front yard and noticed this fungus(?) on its base this morning. Some of the leaves on that same side as the fungus also have a mildew(?) on them. Any idea on how to kill it without hurting the tree? I do have tulips planted next to the base that come up every year.

Madison County Kentucky

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I don't think the white fungus on the base of the tree is effecting the overall health of the tree. I think it a secondary problem. Fungi like that often show up when wood is bring broken down. It is most likely feeding on the mulch and outer bark of the tree. The light green material growing above that on the tree is called lichen. It is also not harmful.

Just out of curiosity, what side of the tree is the problem occurring on?

Please feel free to send me pics of the leaves from the tree. My email address is In fact, it might be helpful to see a photo of the whole tree in relation to its landscape.