Can't Identify Taller Growing Nuisance Grass - Bent or Creeping Grass?

Asked May 8, 2019, 10:30 AM EDT

I have tried for several years to rid my yard of this rather tenacious faster, taller growing grass that occupies a small section of my yard. Tried all the weed killers at different times of the year with no success. I'm including a couple of photos to help in your identification. Anything you can suggest to help my get rid of this form of grass will be greatly appreciated. IAustin

Oakland County Michigan

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Identifying grass from photos is pretty difficult. From the structures we see, it looks like tall fescue. Although the control recommendations will be the same for any weedy or undesirable grass found in home lawns.

Unfortunately, there are not many effective options available for control of tall fescue in existing turf. Depending on the severity, tall fescue clumps may be controlled with one to two applications of glyphosate (Roundup, others) applied directly to the clump in the spring or fall. Another approach is to simply dig the tall fescue clumps from the soil. Grass seed may be planted a few days after the last herbicide application or immediately after removal from the lawn. These areas could also be filled with sod. Always be sure to read and follow the labeled directions.

Thank you Angie for the feedback.

At least I now know why nothing seemed to kill the grass over the years. I’ll just roll up my sleeves and get to pulling. Thank Again.