Suspected Fungal Activity in Hamamellis

Asked May 7, 2019, 5:11 PM EDT

Greetings, At a property I maintain in Chevy Chase, there is a hamamelis which I expect is infected with some sort of fungal pathogen. I was wondering if anyone could find out what exactly this type of damage that is caused by, and if there is a prescribed treatment for this damage. Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Witchhazel get a fungal disease known as Phyllosticta. It is more common in years with heavy rains and frequent cloud cover. The disease starts out as spots with light centers and dark borders. Plants can be defoliated during high infection periods.

Prune your witchhazel to improve air circulation and promote quick leaf drying.

It is too late to spray anything this year, but next spring you may want to spray a preventative fungicide, especially if prolonged wet weather is forecast. Many fungicides should work. Look for it listed on the label of the fungicide.