Growing Artichokes from Seed!

Asked May 7, 2019, 12:10 PM EDT

Hello! I have a packet of artichoke seeds, specifically purple of romagna variety. I know I'm a bit late in planting these, but I'd still like to try. Can I plant the seeds directly outside at this point, or do I still need to start them inside? Any help on how to best proceed with this would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!!

Washington County Oregon artichokes

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A while ago, another expert from Oregon sent the following response to a client:
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"The major factor in how many artichokes you get is the variety. Green Globe is the most common, but also the most erratic. Many have gone to Imperial Star which can be grown as an annual or will winter over with protection and no extreme cold.This is a smaller choke, but usually plentiful and very tender. Artichokes prefer a mild climate, so the Willamette Valley is usually good for them. We do not get the huge ones you see in the stores. They come mostly from the California coast area. 28 degrees can cause top kill. The second factor is adequate fertilizer and organic matter. I use a complete, ocean-based fertilizer at planting and again the next spring when the plant returns. They do require all the elements and are not too fussy about pH. Anywhere cabbages etc. do well is probably OK. They are prone to root damage from waterlogging, but do not tolerate drought well. The third factor is harvesting. Cut the chokes just as the scales begin to open for the most production and also tenderness.
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I also located a detailed how-to sheet "Artichoke in the Garden" from Utah State University at