bishop weed/goutweed

Asked May 7, 2019, 11:26 AM EDT

Hello, Bachman's helped me identify a prolific grower in my backyard hosta garden as bishop weed. I moved into this property two years ago and really didn't notice it the first growing season. Last summer, it was very apparent that something was growing among the hostas, but since it looked pretty (huh, not any longer!), I let it go until it overshadowed the hostas. I've done enough research to be very concerned about its prominence on my property. And now, as I'm doing spring garden clean-up, I see that it's invaded perenniel gardens in my front yard (beautiful new landscape professionally designed and installed in the fall of 2017, three months after we moved in). Now I'm really concerned! I've worked carefully in the front yard gardens to uncover and remove the underground runners and plants while there are relatively few plants. However, I know that when runners break it only helps propagation. What advice do you have for me as I attempt to rid my property of this menace? Thank you Sincerely, Kathy Ehlers

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Sorry I haven't much good news, since it is in beds containing other plants, the only way is to manually remove it. The only other option is to relocate desirable plants and chemically treat the area. Check for more information.